Customs brokerage

Customs brokerage

Our company as a customs broker can offer optimal services in the Port of Constanta and Midia

Our staff has extensive experience in customs matters in particular for energy products (windmils), fertilizer, livestock, laminated, barite.

Depending on your needs and whatever type of operated merchandise (general, oversized, bulk, project cargo, etc.), our company specialized in providing customs clearance services can insure the following services:

  • Preparation of customs import declarations;
  • Preparation of customs export declarations;
  • Preparation of T2L customs declaration;
  • Preparation of customs declarations for goods that are subject to inward / passive, temporary admission, bonded warehouse;
  • Completing, drafting preferential certificates of origin;
  • Expert advice on legislation and necessary documents for customs formalities;
  • Assistance for obtaining certificates and other documents needed for customs clearance;
  • Submission of payment  and transport documents to Customs Authority;
  • Phyto-sanitary visas;
  • Assistance in customs process (where applicable)
  • Obtaining EORI no.
  • Obtaining authorization from the Customs Authority, etc.

Our company is the license holder of public bonded warehouse type A

Our team includes experienced customs brokers, well-trained to be always available to analyze your requirements and offer you the best solutions for a fast and efficient customs clearance process.